How to ask the community to address a concern using Google Maps?

How to ask the community to address a concern using Google Maps?

Google -a part from Aplhabet- is undoubtedly one of the most important multinational companies worldwide, thanks to the large number of users it has across various tools. The acceleration of digitization processes has led people to increasingly rely on platforms of all kinds, resulting in constant developments that make our lives easier. Google consistently provides users with more tools, and one of the most significant among them is Google Maps. It is a georeferencing and location application that allows us to position ourselves in space and find the route to a specific location, but it’s not limited to just that.

Despite its primary functionality as a GPS guiding us on the path to a specific point on the map, it has many other features that prove highly useful for everyday life. It provides all kinds of information about businesses, neighborhoods, establishments, and various places. This information can be valuable, for instance, to determine if we genuinely want to go to that location.

One aspect that users particularly appreciate is the ability to obtain not only basic information like the address, route, and operating hours but also reviews or opinions from other people about these places. This can be crucial in gaining additional insights into the services provided or the atmosphere of that location. Moreover, users can not only view reviews and references but also interact more seamlessly with others through questions or responses to queries. Many users may not be aware of this functionality, and even those who are might not be clear on how to carry out these actions. The truth is that it is a straightforward process, and that’s why, in this article, we will explain the step-by-step process of how to ask questions on Google Maps to obtain information or address a concern.

Step 1: Open Google Maps

You can open the app by clicking the icon in the applications list on your mobile phone or by accessing to the official website using a web browser and typing

Step 2: Select a place

Then you can search for an specific business or choose one from the map, of course it has to be the one you are interested in so the community is the one who already know the place (or the managers of the datasheet).

Step 3: View all questions

When you tap on the name of the place, you are taken to another screen where you need to scroll down to the very bottom. This is where you’ll find the ‘Questions and Answers‘ section, not only to view existing queries but also to ask your own. It’s essential to consider that the question you intend to ask may have already been posed at some other time. Therefore, it is advisable to check this to avoid waiting for a response in vain. To do this, tap on the highlighted option in light blue that says “View all questions

Step 4: Ask a question

In the section of all questions, you can scroll down to see the queries that other users have asked and the responses provided by the community. You also get details on when these questions were asked, as certain aspects may be subject to updates over time. At the top, you’ll find the bar that says “Ask the community.” If you haven’t found the answer you’re looking for, you can type your question in that field to convey your query and then await a response from another user.

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